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Buy Some Art: Amelia Rochè Roland

What you may not know about me is that I am an art lover. Back when I first started Fancy Stuff & Pretty Things, I used to share artists that I loved. Somewhere along the way I stopped, but I’d like to start again.  My personal taste in art varies, but one theme among the art that I love or have purchased is that it tends to be colorful. Color makes me happy.

I really like buying original pieces or limited edition signed prints. I enjoy supporting artists and I like the uniqueness factor. I don’t want pre-framed prints that have a run of 1 million hanging in my house. Buying original art doesn’t have to be expensive! There are so many up and coming artists that sell their works for very reasonable amounts.

I’ve been following Amelia Rochè Roland on Instagram for a while now. Instagram is a great place to discover artists. Amelia’s art takes a few different veins: Patterned doodles, nostalgia pieces, and animals are her main themes. Her distinct style shines through in every piece. I love her use of pattern and color. Color! Always back to color…

Below are some of my favorite pieces of hers. Stop by her site to check out her full body of work. Here is a link to her shop. She has a new series of Late Night Doodles that are hitting her shop on June 1st.

Amelia Roche Roland Amelia Roche Roland Amelia Roche Roland 2 Amelia Roche Roland 1TT4A6563


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6 thoughts on “Buy Some Art: Amelia Rochè Roland”

  1. Oooh, I love the late night series!!

    Also- I ordered a pair of M. Gemis! I am so stinking excited! (The link on your blog didn’t work, but they were awesome about making sure you got credit for the sale and I got the discount! : ) )

      1. The customer service really was wonderful! I got the suede Felize in red. I really liked the squalotto leather, but I also really wanted red. I had a pair of red flats from the Gap for about ….well, ever, but they were just falling apart. But they totally *made* so many outfits so I wanted something to do the same and I wanted comfort. Happy to have some nice, comfortable mocs to take me around Europe for the next four years!

  2. Ooh, nice! For most of my life, I have bought cheap Target/Gap shoes, but I’m changing things now! Lovely, well made shoes only! Same with clothes. Helps that I am in Germany and can’t just pop in somewhere and spend money on things that aren’t perfect. I have started a list of things to look out for so I can start building a collection of pieces I love! Thanks for the great inspiration!

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