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Fancy Finds #14

Our French (and European) friends have been using micellar cleansing waters for years. If you Google “French beauty products” one item that comes up repeatedly is Bioderma Micellar Solution. I did purchase some while in Paris last summer, but just a wee bottle because I didn’t want to waste valuable suitcase poundage on it. The micellar waters haven’t been readily available here in the states. Sure, you could get your hands on imported French product via Amazon for a hefty premium… And, some of the expensive brands offered them, but reasonably priced options? No.

Recently though, Garnier came out with two Micellar Cleansing Waters. One is for regular makeup, the other works with waterproof mascara. I know what you are thinking…  GARNIER? I know, I know…  I thought the same thing, but I decided to give it a try, because at worst I was out $6.99 (Target price). I love this stuff. I like it better than the Bioderma and Dr. Jart stuff (I had a sample in a Birch Box one month). It works great! I wear gel eyeliner, so I opted for the waterproof kind. It takes off the gel eyeliner beautifully.

Miceller Water

Results? Two thumbs up!



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  1. I use the pink one sometimes when I am too tired to do my normal routine. I love it too -especially the price!!!! Enjoy your weekend!!!

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