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An Ode to White Jeans: Part 2

I fell in love with white denim the moment I saw this old photo of my Mom. I always thought she looked SO stylish in this outfit. This picture was taken in the late 60’s or early 70’s. No later than September of ’71 because she sold that car before I was born. I’ve also loved Volkswagen Karmann Ghias forever too. I’d die to have a classic Karmann Ghia. DREAM CAR. That sound that the old Volkswagens make??? I die.

Mom White Pants

I’d totally wear her outfit today… That’s the great thing about wearing the classics. THEY NEVER GO OUT OF STYLE.

For today’s ode to white denim look I opted to wear a blue chambray shirt with orange accessories. I love this color combination. It absolutely screams summertime. It’s such a simple, yet classic look. Was this photo taken in the 60’s or the 20-teens? You decide. Timeless… Right?

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Wearing: Shirt – J. Crew Factory, Denim – J. Crew, Bag – Longchamp, Shoes – M. Gemi, Necklace – Madewell, Bracelet – J. Crew Factory (old), Sunnies – Dolce & Gabbana (old.)


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4 thoughts on “An Ode to White Jeans: Part 2”

  1. Great look! I love my white jeans too and am hoping I can wear them past Labor Day (like you mentioned in your last post). What a great picture of your mom! So stylish and sassy with the frowning (and perhaps disapproving?) older woman next to her. That picture really sums up the changes going on in America at that time I think. Love it!

  2. Ah…another lover of the classic Karmann Ghia. I owned one, a cherry red convertible 1965 with a white top. How I loved that car! I sold it to travel and live overseas. {sigh}

    I love the photo of your Mom. So chic. Also I love the fact that you both have the same pose : )


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