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Maroon Chinos: Wear to Work

All the fall clothing has hit the stores and I couldn’t be happier. While summer is my favorite actual season, fall clothes are my favorite clothing option. Mainly because of the colors. Autumnal colors tend to look best on me. I typically buy a lot of clothes in the fall, and then don’t purchase much in the depth of winter. It’s not that I don’t WANT to purchase anything, I just rarely find items that I like come January.

These maroon chinos are a fun change from classic tan, and a lot more versatile than you would think. I wore them to work with this black and white shirt featured here, and I have another more casual look planned for later this week. Be sure to stop back by on Wednesday for that look.

I have a question for all my fabulous readers…  Do you like it when I show you how to style the same item multiple ways via separate posts within the same week (or very close together)? Or do you think that is uber boring/snooze city? I’m curious what you think. Let me know!

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Wearing: Shirt – Zara (old), Chinos – J. Crew, Shoes – M. Gemi, Bag – Coach (old), Sunnies – SEE, Lips – M.A.C. (Del Rio).

Thanks so much for stopping by! I appreciate each and everyone of you.



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  1. I like the same items more than once in a week- it’s easy to remember it from before and reminds me to think of a couple of ways to wear my clothes. : )

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