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Everlane Collarless Shirt Dress Worn as a Tunic

I feel like all I ever do is apologize for my infrequent posting these days. Life, man…  It’s super busy. Between work, family and everyone’s activities it’s just been crazy. I’ve also been doing a lot of traveling for work lately and I’m ready for a long stretch of time when I’m home. My workout schedule and health are severely lacking. I have to make it through this week and then I may actually get my wish. I’ll be in the Toronto, Canada area this week then I don’t have any other trips booked on the calendar. YAY! Those of you who follow me on Instagram know that I was Paris a week ago. While that was travel, that was personal travel and doesn’t count. My personal travel bug is already itching for our next adventure.

Spring has finally arrived here in Michigan. Thank the good, sweet Lord! I packed away all of my heavy sweaters and boots this weekend. We will likely still have some chilly days, but the worst is over. I’m fully enjoying the warmer temperatures, and longer days. How about you?

Have you ever liked something so much, but you just couldn’t get the sizing right? That’s this Everlane dress. I bought this dress three times. THREE TIMES. I could not for the life of me get the sizing right. I’m not a patient person, so the return and repurchase process was killing me. Good gravy. Finally, I got it figured it out. Of course, I couldn’t wait until it was warm enough to wear it alone, so I decided to wear it over jeans like a tunic. It’s fun, right?

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Thanks for still stopping by, friends. Here’s hoping to more consistent posting. I hope things are going well in your part of the world.



9 thoughts on “Everlane Collarless Shirt Dress Worn as a Tunic”

  1. LOVE this outfit (those shoes!) Do you have any advice about the sizing for the dress? Did you have to size down a lot?

    1. I ended up sizing up TWICE. I sent an email to Everlane about size and they said it was really oversized, so I bought a 6. That didn’t work. The 8 was too tight in the hips, so I wouldn’t be able to sit in it. So, I ended up with a 10. My regular size.

  2. You Look Fab introduced me to your blog via this post, and I’m so happy! I love your style and appreciate all the info about what you’re wearing. (I’ve already ordered this striped tunic and the Everlane linen shirtdress to try.) Now, about those COS shoes. How effective is that little tie at the back? How easy is it to walk in these? Are they all-day shoes? Any insight would be helpful. Thanks so much.

    1. Hi Vivian! I’m going to be honest with you… These shoes are great in theory. I’m still trying to figure out how to tie them so they stay on, and don’t hurt. The heel height is perfect and the leather is butter soft, but I don’t love that tie. Live and learn I suppose.

  3. LOVE this outfit!!! You look amazing! I am seriously contemplating ordering the Everlane shirt dress for myself. I’m not sure whether to get the size 10 or 12 (chest measurement is about 41″, hip about 42″). Would you have any advice for me?

    1. Hi Evie! Thanks for your nice comment. I wish I could provide you with great advice on Everlane sizing. I’m still trying to perfect this. I ordered this dress 3 times trying to get it right. They do have the garment sizing of all their items on their website. You may want to take a look at that. I try to use those measurements as a guide. (I’m clearly not very good at it though…) I’ll take an item of clothing that I know fits and measure that with the measurements of the garment. I ended up with a size 10, but I took an 8 in two other Everlane shirt dresses.

  4. Thank you! Great advice. I will measure something in my closet that fits well…and then compare it to the measurements given on their website. This is my first time ordering from Everlane.

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