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Review: Grana Silk Tee Dress

I fell in love with this Grana silk tee shirt dress the instant I saw it, but hemmed and hawed over ordering it for several weeks. I was NOT sure about the sizing. I did all my measuring activities, and compared it to the chart and still wasn’t sure what size to order. Should I order a large, or extra-large? I’m typically a large in items from Grana. I wanted to avoid the whole return rigamarole if possible. (I just sent back three parcels last week. Blergh.)  Luckily, someone reviewed the dress on their site and mentioned that it ran small and that you should size up. That helped me make my decision. (I try to leave reviews on products I purchase as well, in the event that I can help a sister out.)

I’m not too hung up on sizes. I have everything in my closet from extra-small to extra-large. If it fits, I wear it. It’s just a label. It doesn’t change anything about me. Every company has a different sizing methodology, and Grana tends to run small. No big whoop.

I’ve talked about Grana’s silk a bunch of times…  I really like it, and think their silk items are a great deal. I have several Everlane silk items and they may be just a wee bit above Grana in terms of quality, but not by much. This dress is crepe de Chine, so the fabric has that subtle sandblasted look to it. It’s totally opaque without being too thick.

I’ll be honest with you… The dress is a wee bit shorter than I would like, but I knew the length when I ordered it. THAT much I could figure out. I’m super sensitive about how much leg I show these days. Oh, to be young again! I did wear this dress with Birkenstock sandals and it didn’t look slutty, so there’s that. I plan to wear it with tights when the weather cools off, and I think it will be cute belted over slim pants.

Are there any cons? Well, the back has three buttons at the closure. That’s a dumb design flaw. Luckily, I can get my head through without having to deal with the buttons, but if you have a big noggin you will likely have to have someone help you to button it and unbutton it.

Oh, hey…  And it’s not black. Are you guys proud of me? This dress comes in four great colors. I’m pondering red.

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PS – Here is a referral link to Grana. This link will provide new customers 10% off and if you buy something I get a $20.00 store credit. Full disclosure.

3 thoughts on “Review: Grana Silk Tee Dress”

  1. I love Grana! Thanks for sharing this dress, I love the color! Now I’m thinking about getting the same one. I always have trouble getting the size right with Grana (I often have to size way down or way up depending on the item, and it’s tricky to guess) so it’s helpful to read reviews. You haven’t tried the Pima tee dress by chance, have you? I love these simple dresses but I have trouble taking care of silk since I have to hand wash it every time.

      1. I have a couple inexpensive silk tops that I put through the washing machine on a cold hand wash cycle to test it out, and it seems to be fine, but otherwise I hand wash them and then steam them to get out the wrinkles. I just put them in a basin with gentle soap and then hang them to dry. Dry cleaning may be the better way to go, but I wouldn’t wear any silk if it meant frequent trips to the dry cleaner’s! I love how it looks but I can’t easily justify it for everyday wear. Grana discontinued my favorite slouchy tees and I’m devastated! It looks like they are putting out lots of new things though 🙂

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