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Work Horses and Show Ponies

I’ve been thinking a lot about the utter basicness of my wardrobe lately. REAL deep, Ashley. I know. However, I truly have. I’ve been so focused on purchasing work horse basics that I have almost no pieces that have oomph, or pizazz. I’m naturally pretty basic, and not in a pumpkin spice latte, messy bun, and avocado toast sort of a way…  I just tend to gravitate to simpler clothes. Neutrals. Classic silhouettes. Not flashy. So, in a word boring.

Back in April, Susan from Une Femme d’un Certain Age posted about this very concern, and it has honestly stayed with me since I read it. How’s that for a poignant blog post? I was nodding and thinking “same girl, same” the whole time I was reading it. This is me. I’ve got the basics covered. Black blazer? Check! Camel blazer? Check! Crisp white shirt? Check! Black pencil skirt? Check! Black cashmere sweater? Check! Black silk shirt? Check! What I’m missing are some WOW pieces.

Here’s where my mind goes though…

Show pony pieces aren’t very practical. Since show ponies are memorable you won’t be able to wear them as often. No one will ever notice that you wore the same pair of great fitting black pants twice a week for a year, but they will remember if you wear that super snazzy piece once a week for a year. “For F sake lady, quit wearing that damn jacket.”  You’d be known around the office as the crazy jacket/sweater/coat/whatever wearing lady, and that’s not the sort of attention I want. You will never get a lot of use out of show ponies, so price per wear will be quite high.

Oh, hey…  I’m also trying to be an ethical and conscious consumer. Guess what? There are NO freaking show ponies in that realm. Work horse basics? Hell to the yes. You can find those all day long. I do know that buying pre-loved items is ethical and conscious, however for me to actually find something that I like and that actually fits at a consignment or thrift store is like winning the bloody lottery. I may find a piece that I love, but it’s not the right size. I frequently visit local consignment shops and have purchased one item in all of my trips. ONE. I’d say my success rate is hovering between 3-5%.

It’s not possible for me to be 100% ethical and conscious as much as my little Pollyanna do gooder heart would like. There I said it. I feel defeated. I feel weak. I feel like a failure. I feel like I am letting the environment and human right advocates down. If I buy a shirt from J. Crew is the world going to end? God, I hope not…  Because I did. I actually bought a few things.

Shame. Shame. Shame.

Ok, so let’s get out of my head and back to the matter at hand: Show ponies. I’ve decided to spread my wings a bit and embrace change. This is hard. I’m not a center of attention sort of person. I prefer to be on the periphery. I know you are thinking to yourself, but she is a blogger she must love attention. NOPE. Total introvert. And almost no one in my real life knows that I do this. My son has told more people that I am a blogger than I have. I’m horrible about promoting myself and my blog.

What’s my show pony plan of attack? I’ve been thinking about that. I’m not a print lover, so stripes and gingham is about as crazy as I’ll go. I may pick up some interesting new scarves, a sparkly brooch or two (vintage if I can make it work), and I’m really drawn to velvet and sequins right now.

I’ll take any of these…


Head Turners


This is a mix of reality and fantasy. As much as I’d love to have the wildcat Gucci shirt, I’m not about to spend $1,800 on it. That’s money that could go towards my Chanel bag fund. I actually have already bought two of the items. Can you guess which ones?


Yellow Cardigan – Zara

Zig Zag Bag – Ferragamo


Leopard Coat – H&M

Jeweled Loafers – Prada

Sequin/Tweed Blazer – Zara

Velvet Loafers – Gucci

Sequin Skirt – J. Crew

Wild Cat Shirt – Gucci

What are you doing to add some pizazz to your wardrobe this fall? I’d love to hear your solutions and what sorts of items you are splurging on.

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