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Outfit: Camel Colored Long Cardigan & Distressed Denim

September 1st hit and Michigan said “Fall? Hell yes! Let’s do this.” Essentially, the temperature dropped significantly. It wasn’t the warmest summer here anyway, so I’m not terribly surprised. We’ll likely have an Indian summer in a few weeks. The temps have dropped into the 50s during the night, so the morning are crisp. Then of course we heat up to the 70s in the afternoon.

This time of year cracks me up…  Listen, and you will hear people remark about the cooler temps being “great sleeping weather”. It is, but my GOD it’s such an old person thing to talk about. So naturally my hubs said it out loud the other day. And I laughed.

Every fall season J. Crew comes out with sweaters that are made from a super thick merino wool. These suckers are well made and will last eons. I have two tunics that I bought four years ago that I wear constantly during the cooler months and have held up great. Last year they introduced the sweater-blazer and I bought both colors available at the time. This year they introduced the open front sweater-blazer. I knew that I was going to have to try it.

What do I like about it? The color, for one. I had been wanting to add a camel colored cardigan to my wardrobe for a while. I also really like the style: The length is great, the open casualness is great, and the pockets are great. Is there anything I don’t love about it? The sleeves are bracelet length. I can deal with it, but I’ll likely have to wear a long sleeve shirt underneath it in January/February. I know that this will get many years of wear, so I do give it two thumbs up. It does run large, so size down. I generally wear a medium in J. Crew and I’m wearing a small.

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Wearing: Sweater – J. Crew, Denim – J. Crew, Tee – Everlane, Shoes – Nisolo, Bag – J. Crew, Belt – J. Crew Factory, Lips – M.A.C. (Retro).


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