Beauty Heroes – Green Beauty Box

I’m a skin care junkie and recently I’ve been trying out different “green” beauty products. I like the idea of going natural and non-toxic especially since our skin is our biggest organ. Why put ucky stuff on/in your body when there are natural options? And to be frank, I’m about 50% hippie. I’m a total recycle Nazi… Just ask my kids and husband. I can’t tell you how many times I have yelled at them for throwing away the empty peanut butter jar. Yes, it sucks to clean it out, but leave it for me if you must. Yes, I WILL dig it out of the trash. I also bring home recyclable items that I have in my lunch because there is no place for me to recycle them at work.

I’m not at the point where I’m throwing out all of my my skin care and beauty products. That’s wasteful, I’m not made of money, and I want to be certain that I find something that works to replace my current faves. Make-up and skin care is not cheap! Even the cheap stuff isn’t cheap. Just think about the multitude of creams, lotions, oils, serums, eye-liners, mascaras, eye-shadows, blushes, and lipstick in your collection and then do a quick mathematical calculation. That’s a lot of money, isn’t it?

More like a small fortune…

A lot of the “green” beauty products (not all) tend to be priced equivalently to high-end cosmetics brands and since I’m frugal (cheap) I have a hard time spending $85 – $100 on a beauty product. What if I don’t like it? What if it doesn’t work? What if it smells yucky? What if I have a reaction? Rare, but it does happen occasionally. The thought of wasting that much money upsets me. So, up until now I hadn’t tried anything.

I recently discovered a great green beauty subscription service called Beauty Heroes, thanks to Whoorl. Beauty Heroes is a monthly subscription, similar to Birch Box, but instead of getting a bunch of samples, you get a full-sized green beauty product and a smaller “side-kick” item. I’m on my third month of boxes and am really enjoying the products thus far. So far I’ve had a great moisturizer (with SPF) from Josh Rosebrook, a face mask from Mahalo, and a face oil from Skin Owl. The regular price of these full sized products tends to be $85 +. The Beauty Heroes boxes are approximately $39 per month, so it’s a great deal. You can subscribe for 3, 6, or 12 months. I signed up for the 3 month plan to make sure I was happy with it. I am and I will definitely re-subscribe.

I love that this subscription has given me the opportunity to discover different beauty products that I haven’t heard of before, or would not normally buy myself. The mask from Mahalo is really luxurious, but at $80 I would have never, ever, ever bought it. (See reasons above.) I likely won’t buy it for myself again at full price. It’s divine, but for $80 it really needs to perform some serious magic. Am I right? It is good, but not serious magic good. I still look 45 (almost 46) you guys. So, if you are interested in trying out some green beauty products, I cannot recommend Beauty Heroes enough.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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PS: Full disclosure: The link to the Beauty Heroes site contains a referral tracker, so if you do sign up I get credit for that and could earn free months of the service.