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Red Velvet Loafers | Black Sweater Jacket

Last week was my 46th birthday and 19th wedding anniversary. Same day. Yes, I got married on my birthday. My family spoiled me rotten and got me these fabulous red velvet loafers. I told my husband that I wanted them, but then later told him not to buy them because they were too expensive. I told you guys that I was practical. He didn’t listen. THANK GOD, because holy bejeebus, I love them so much! I wore them to work the day after my birthday and received SO many compliments. I love a pop of red, so these are going to get plenty of use this fall and winter. Especially since velvet is so on trend right now.

Are they comfortable? Yes. Surprisingly so. I actually tried on several other pairs of fancy brand loafers and the Gucci loafers were the most comfortable of the bunch. By far. I think I’m going to have to save my pennies for a black leather pair of these as well. These are such a classic style and will never be “out”.

Sorry honey! Look what you started… I’m a fancy lady and like fancy lady stuff now. We really need to win the lottery now.

We typically shoot my outfit posts for the blog on the weekend and when we go out for a shoot I bring several outfits. I pack up all my clothes, shoes, bags, and other accessories and change somewhere. I fully intended to wear a black and white stripe shirt under this lovely cardigan. However, as I was doing my stealthy outfit change (dropping trou in some hidden parking lot) I realized that I packed my navy and white striped shirt, not my black and white one. Crap. So, please imagine this outfit with a striped shirt as originally intended. Blergh. Oh well, the outfit really is all about the red velvet shoes anyway.


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Wearing: Sweater – J. Crew (this runs large – go one size down), Denim – J. Crew (FYI – I bought these in a tall), Tank Top – J. Crew Factory, Bandana – Madewell, Shoes – Gucci, Bag- Celine, Lips – MAC (Viva Glam I).

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