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Tuxedo Style Vest | Striped Sailor Shirt | Red Velvet Loafers

Back to my favorite color combo again. It’s tried and true and I’ll never stop wearing it. If you find something that works keep doing it! Right? This tuxedo style vest is something that I picked up last year around the holidays and I just realized that I never photographed it for the blog. I like wearing something that is supposed to be “dressy” in a casual way. It adds a bit of interest to an otherwise basic outfit, and the basic items help to loosen it up a bit. Yin and yang my friends. Yin and yang.

Speaking of the holidays…  Are you guys getting excited? I was in the mall over the weekend and some of the stores are already playing Christmas music. I’m not ready for that. I do love the holidays, but like to start getting all Christmas-sy once it turns December. Heck, we still have Thanksgiving to come here in the US. I always have all these grandiose plans about the holiday season, but rarely execute. Bake Christmas cookies for all my neighbors! Volunteer! Host a Christmas party! Make a gingerbread house! Pshaw…  I’m lucky if I get presents bought and wrapped on time.

What are your holiday traditions? Do you have anything special that you do every year? Our big Christmas tradition is that we cut our own tree every year as a family. We’ve gone to the same tree farm for years. Sometimes it’s snowing. Sometimes it’s muddy. Sometimes it’s warm. There is always yelling though. We typically lose one another. And we are THAT family. We are loud. Sorry.

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Wearing: Vest – H&M (old), Denim – J. Crew (old), Shirt – J. Crew Factory (old), Bag – Celine, Shoes – Gucci.


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