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Embroidery is Back

Whenever I used to think of embroidery all I could think of was the 70s. Either the embroidery items have gotten cooler, or I am nostalgic for the days of yore. I love how the embroidery really zhushes up a plain sweatshirt or pair of jeans. And those boots? I DIE! I adore them, but the heel is too high for me. I’m such a heel wuss these days. I’ve never loved wearing them, but now they just make my knees hurt. I could totally wear those loafers though… DANG, those are gorgeous. And that red cape?!? Does it not remind you of a Christmas card?

What do you think of embroidery? Are you in, or nah?




  1. Sweatshirt with gold & silver embroidery
  2. Sweatshirt with roses
  3. Sequin skirt
  4. Jeans
  5. Scarf
  6. Boots
  7. Patch
  8. Phone case
  9. Heeled loafers
  10. Red cape
  11. Clutch
  12. Dress


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