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Cashmere Review: Everlane Vs. Grana

Can we talk cashmere?

Now that I’ve had some Everlane cashmere sweaters and Grana cashmere sweaters for about a year I feel that I can provide an educated report of which company has the better cashmere. For me there are four main categories that make a great cashmere sweater: softness/feel of the yarn, warmth, the pill factor, and style. I can’t believe that I never owned a cashmere sweater until just a bit over a year ago. Actually, I can…  I am cheap, it used to be really hard to find a cashmere sweater that was affordable. Also, I used to boycott items that require to be dry cleaned. I’m over that now. I’ve realized that some fabrics just need to be dry cleaned. Yes, you can hand wash cashmere, but I am afraid that I might ruin it.

Softness/Feel of the Fabric

I have VERY sensitive skin. Anything that is remotely itchy has no place in my life. I can’t wear “regular” wear wool sweaters without a long-sleeve cotton shirt underneath. I’m now OK with high quality merino wool and cashmere. I used to think that the Everlane and Grana cashmere were about the same when it came to softness. However, after owning several sweaters from each brand I think there is a clear winner: Grana. The Grana cashmere is much softer and comfortable to wear. I definitely can feel a bit of itchiness with the Everlane cashmere. Especially, the $100 crew.


The Grana cashmere is thicker than the Everlane cashmere, thus it’s a bit warmer. However, not oppressively so. I’d say the Everlane V-Neck sweater that I bought last year was very similar in comparison to the thickness of the Grana cashmere, but the $100 crew and V-Neck sweaters offered this year are much thinner. So, again I’m going with Grana.


I hate it when sweaters pill. It makes me mental. I have a sweater de-piller that Grana sent along with my first sweater. I use it more on my Everlane cashmere than my Grana cashmere. In fact, the Grana cashmere hardly pills at all. Sure, you get some pilling in the arm pits, but it is minimal. The Everlane cashmere is pill city. Especially, the $100 crew neck sweater. Again, Grana wins.


Everlane tends to offer more fashion forward styles and Grana tends to offer more classic styles. However, Grana has branched out and has introduced some interesting silhouettes recently. I tend to stick with the classic styles, so this category is a tie. It’s all in your personal preference.

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I’m wearing the Grana cashmere crew here. It’s a wee bit bigger than I wanted, but it’s my fault. I just ordered my regular Grana size and didn’t check the size chart. After checking the size chart, I realized that they updated the fit and I could have gone down a size. Operator error.

Here are some other styles of the Grana cashmere. This is the Boyfriend V-Neck.

This is last year’s crew neck sweater.

I like to be upfront with you all. Last January Grana reached out to me to review their products. That’s how I found out about them. After researching the company I agreed with the caveat that if I thought their products sucked I was going to say so. They were fine with that and sent me some cashmere sweaters, a t-shirt, and a silk shirt to review.  After initially trying their products I was really impressed and have been a customer ever since. I’ve bought numerous additional Grana items on my own. I love their t-shirts, silk, and cashmere. This sweater was one of my purchases. Here is a referral link to Grana. This link will provide new customers 10% off and if you buy something I get a $20.00 store credit. Full disclosure.

Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you find this comparison to be helpful.



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  1. Thanks for doing this comparison review. I did a similar one last year but since both Everlane and Grana update their selections, it’s good to know that the $100 Everlane cashmere doesn’t measure up! Also right now Grana’s cashmere is on super sale so I’m stocking up!

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