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40 + Style Casual / Weekend Wear

Mary Jane Shoes Make Me Happy

Fun fact…  Besides hating heels because they hurt my feet and knees (a.k.a. I’m old), I also have really skinny ankles so they slip off. Grrrr… I’ve tried those grippy things, and they work OK if I’m not wearing hosiery. All bets are off if I’m wearing tights. It’s likely that I’ll accidentally fling one …

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40 + Style Casual / Weekend Wear Fall/Autumn

Checked Blazer

I love that the checked pattern has made a comeback this season. I’ve always loved a classic check, so it’s serendipitous when I like something that is also “on trend”. There are a whole lot of trends that come and go that I do not like and refuse to join in on, but checked pattern …

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