40 + Style Casual / Weekend Wear Summer

White & Denim

Hi friends! I’m off work this week. Since we took our big family vacation to Paris in April, we decided to lay low and staycation this week. I’m a homebody, so I’m pleased as punch to just putter around. My husband can’t sit still, so we’ve already taken two day trips. We decided to drive …

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40 + Style Summer Work Wear

Flouncy Light Blue Shirt Dress

Holy crap, I’m not wearing black! I picked up this dress when I was in Paris in April. (Sing it with me now…  “April in Paris…”) I’ve always been intrigued by the store, COS. I’ve been in a few on my travels, but never really had an opportunity to do much of anything other than …

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40 + Style Summer

Black is Back

After doing the seasonal closet rotation I realized that I had a lot of summer clothes (especially dresses) that didn’t bring me joy. They either fit poorly, didn’t flatter my body style, were too short, or were no longer in the color scheme that I am drawn to. I culled the herd. “Donation pile for …

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