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40 + Style Work Wear

Leopard Blazer

How many blazers are TOO many blazers? It seems as though all I want to wear anymore is a blazer. I’m really loving ones that are patterned or interesting colors. I mean really, one cannot always wear a black blazer. I wear them to work, I wear them casually, I wear them out to dinner …

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40 + Style Casual / Weekend Wear Fall/Autumn

Checked Blazer

I love that the checked pattern has made a comeback this season. I’ve always loved a classic check, so it’s serendipitous when I like something that is also “on trend”. There are a whole lot of trends that come and go that I do not like and refuse to join in on, but checked pattern …

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40 + Style Fall/Autumn Work Wear

Pink Velvet Blazer

Hi friends! Long time, no post. I am truly sorry for the radio silence. I’ve had a series of conflicts and bad luck. I think you are all aware by now that I work full-time, so I take my photos on the weekends. Last weekend I had fully intended on shooting some outfits, but it …

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40 + Style

Are You Team Grey? Or Team No Way?

I have to tell you something. I have grey hair. In fact, I have many, many grey hairs. I’ve recently decided that I am going to let nature take its course and just go with it. I’m throwing caution to the wind! I’m tired of coloring my hair every 6 weeks. It’s expensive and time …

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