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Sequin Skirt | It’s the Sparkle Season

Gotta love a season that encourages the wear of sequin clothing items. Yes, folks…  We have entered the holiday season! Sequins, metallic fabrics, or sparkly doo-dads and what-nots are pretty much a requirement. I bought this sequin skirt back in the summer from J. Crew (previously styled here) and knew that it would come in …

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Red Boots

I love to wear red. If you look back through my posts you will see that in many of them I am wearing black, white, and red together. It just feels natural to me. My favorite way to wear red is an as accessory. A “pop” per se. I’m not going to lie…  I was …

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40 + Style Work Wear

The Case for a Great Black Blazer

Do you have a great black blazer? If not, you have a MAJOR hole in your wardrobe. Actually, it’s OK to have several great black blazers. There are so many different silhouettes and fabrics. Of course, this is coming from a person who has a serious addiction to blazers lately. I have an oversized black …

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40 + Style Casual / Weekend Wear

Mary Jane Shoes Make Me Happy

Fun fact…  Besides hating heels because they hurt my feet and knees (a.k.a. I’m old), I also have really skinny ankles so they slip off. Grrrr… I’ve tried those grippy things, and they work OK if I’m not wearing hosiery. All bets are off if I’m wearing tights. It’s likely that I’ll accidentally fling one …

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Fancy Finds

Embroidery is Back

Whenever I used to think of embroidery all I could think of was the 70s. Either the embroidery items have gotten cooler, or I am nostalgic for the days of yore. I love how the embroidery really zhushes up a plain sweatshirt or pair of jeans. And those boots? I DIE! I adore them, but …

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